Saturday, September 5, 2015

ABJ2016: Explore, Empower, Engage is coming - and volunteers are needed!

Mark your calendars for February 18-21, 2016 – it’s going to be a great joint region A, B, and J conference hosted by Region J and the PNW section!

The website ( is live and already has some great information up on the conference activities and planned events for the conference weekend. Here are some quick highlights for what's up on the website:
In addition to the great things being planned, the planning committee is still looking for volunteers to help behind the scenes.

Here's the current list of volunteer needs:

  • Sponsorship Committee:
    • Multiple people are needed to contact potential sponsors for sponsorship.
    • One person is needed to serve as liason to the finance committee.
  • Program & Speakers Committee:
    • Multiple people are needed to review session speaker abstracts in October and November.  
    • Multiple people are needed to review keynote nominations in October and November.  
    • The committee meets every Wednesday at 7pm PT.
  • Marketing Committee: 
    • Advertising:
      • One person is needed to serve as chair and spearhead conference advertising. They will be responsible for getting the word out that the conference is happening (on radio, TV, news, newspapers, local journals, letting tech companies know, etc.).
      • Multiple people are needed to help the chair.
    • Communications: 
      • One person is needed to attend and take minutes for the weekly Conference Planning Meeting on Mondays at 6:30 
      • One person is needed to handle social media updates about the conference.
      • One person needed to create the conference program book.
    • Website:
      • One person is needed to help with website updates and to serve as a backup to the website chair.
  • University Integration Committee: 
    • Multiple people are needed to help plan the Career Fair and Hiring Event, including reaching out to sponsors (with the Sponsorship Committee), planning correspondence and marketing for the event (with the Marketing Committee), and supporting during the Career Fair (organizing, verifying tables & companies are oriented, etc.).  
    • Multiple people are needed to help review technical poster competition abstracts from December to February.
  • Outreach Event:
    • Multiple volunteers are needed to help plan and coordinate the Outreach event on Sunday afternoon of the conference.
    • One person is needed to manage the local STEM showcase during the pre-event time.  They will be responsible for reaching out to local STEM organizations (there’s a list) and tending to them day of.

As planning goes forward, please check out or contact with your questions on volunteering.

We hope to see you there in February 2016! 

Meet the new officers for FY16!

Please give a warm welcome and congrats to the elected officers for FY16:
  • President: Kathryn Cook
  • Treasurer: Suzanne Hakam
  • Vice President of Professional Development: Grace Lefebure
  • Vice President of Outreach: Amy O'Dell
  • Section Representative: 
    • Theresa Krack
    • Julie Bennett
    • Elaine Reeves