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SWE PNW @ WE Local San Diego 2020

Contributor: Theresa Krack, FY20 President

We're excited to be heading to WE Local San Diego next week! And there are several things we wanted to pass on to you for helping support and engage with your fellow PNW SWEsters… so checkout the highlights below for some great information!

PNW Connections

Want to connect with your fellow SWEsters while at WE Local? Be sure to hop over and request to join our "SWE PNW @ WE Conferences" facebook group! There are a few question to answer to join (make sure to answer them or your request won't be reviewed until you do).

Here you can connect with other SWE PNW members that are at the conference, coordinate meet-ups both at session and outside of the conference, and share your WE Local stories!

You can find the group from our Facebook page or through direct link here.

Support your SWEster Presenters

Wondering what session to check out? Then take a look at some of the sessions being presented by your fellow PNW SWEster! Presenting and don't see yours listed? Send our Virtual Brand Team an email at and they'll be happy to update to include your session!

Yoga for the Office Space 
Fri, Jan 31, 12:25pm - 12:45pm, Kat McCoy

As engineers, we all too often spend our days at our desks for hours at a time. This can leave us exhausted, stressed and sore. Taking short stretch breaks during the day can keep your mind relaxed and your body more comfortable so that throughout the day you can stay refreshed and your mind and body are ready to take on the challenges you are faced with. During this session, I will walk everyone through some breathing techniques and stretching exercises that can be performed at your office desk. Each of these exercises only take a few moments and as a whole routine can be performed in a matter of just a few minutes. Breathe in and stretch out at your desk.

Learning Outcomes
1. Establish good stretching routines for your daily life.
2. Practice breathing techniques for relaxation and focus.

Alone Amongst Many: Establishing Yourself in a New Community
Fri, Jan 31, 3:30pm - 4:30pm, SWE PNW Panel

Across your collegiate and professional career, you may be faced with the daunting decision of whether or not to move to a new area. Or you may find yourself in a new area, feeling very alone and wondering how to get connected with the locals. You may find yourself wondering, what can I do to establish my own new personal community? Our panel of speakers are all transplants, at one point making their home in the Pacific Northwest. They have moved city to city, coast to coast, and even country to country. The panelists will share what worked for them, what didn’t, and what they wished they would have done differently. And the look forward to answering questions to help you on your journey!

Learning Outcomes
1. Learn how to develop a strategic plan to be able to engage in the new community and make connections.
2. Learn to interpret the feedback from the panelist to their own unique situation to create an actionable plan in their new area.
3. Recognize and understand different approaches for making community connections so that they can tailor it to their own approach.

SWE Board of Trustees Overview and Endowment Basics
Sat, Feb 01, 10:00am - 10:45am, Ester Barbuto

This session will be an overview of the SWE Board of Trustees. At the end of the session, you'll have an understanding of what the group does, what an endowment is, and how to get involved.

Learning Outcomes
1.Explain Endowment basics.
2.Describe SWE’s Endowment Fund.
3. Describe the role and function of the SWE Board of Trustees.

The Next Evolution of Your SWE Section’s Digital Infrastructure
Sat, Feb 01, 4:15pm - 5:00pm, Theresa Krack

As technology evolves and new communication tools become available, SWE sections must continually reevaluate the best options to serve their local members. Adapting to technological change is a challenge in any local section, and affects both the section’s infrastructure behind the scenes as well as its public footprint.

This session will be an interactive workshop to help sections determine what the next evolution of their Section’s digital infrastructure will be and learn from one section’s path.

Theresa will first share her experiences developing, launching, and implementing a comprehensive, multiple year plan for the revitalization of the SWE Pacific Northwest Section`s Virtual Brand. She’ll share the lessons she learned, along with challenges and changes to the short and long-term vision. She will provide a space for discussion on both tools and techniques for deployment of a digital infrastructure for a section.

Learning Outcomes
1. Understand the advantages of laying out a multiple year plan for developing a virtual brand for the SWE section.
2. Grow awareness of key tools that can help support a Section’s virtual footprint/brand and infrastructure.
3. Apply shared lessons learned from the PNW experience to virtual brand development in other sections.

Be A Panelist on Alone Amongst Many

If you're heading to WE Local San Diego and want to try your hand at being a panelist, we're still looking for a few people to join our SWE PNW developed panel on the lessons learned when trying to establish a new community after a move.

If you've done a significant move (state to state, country to country, etc) and would interested in being on the panel, please email no later than Tuesday, January 28, 2020.

Find your 'SWE PNW Member' Ribbons

We'll be having our SWE PNW Member ribbon hunt again at WE Local San Diego! Keep your eye on our Instagram for who to find to get them and for our lucky ribbon finders pictures!

Want to help hand out ribbons? Let us know! Email to help spread our ribbon fun!

Share & Tag SWE PNW!

Follow SWE PNW on our social media channels and tag us - you may even see your photo shared on our pages!

Instagram: @swe.pnw --> see all our live-time photo posting here!
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Sunday, October 6, 2019

FY20 Section Election Guide: Treasurer Candidate Bios & Statements

Treasurer Candidates
  • Shawna Murray
  • Abstain
  • Write-In
Shawna Murray
C:\Users\wacla_000\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe\TempState\Downloads\Shawna Murray Headshot.jpg

Shawna Murray is a senior leader in Boeing Defense, Space and Security (BDS) Mission Assurance, Systems Safety and Environmental Engineering. Prior to her position as SSEE Manager she was an Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) professional at the Enterprise level and Environmental Team Manager at the Boeing St. Louis Site. Some of her primary functions include: support Environment and workplace safety initiatives to ensure the successful integration of requirements; program support throughout the production and flight line and compliance programs (multi-media).

Prior to joining Boeing in 2007, Shawna held various safety, health and environmental engineering positions as a consultant involving: supervision of personnel; development and coordination program compliance, environmental monitoring and waste (hazardous, radiological, mixed, TSCA) management programs and site characterization, remediation, and remedial design; technical design in groundwater and soil remediation and hazardous waste management; and implementing information technology systems where possible. Areas of expertise and working knowledge include OSHA and ISO 14001 and 45001 standards and CERCLA, RCRA, CAA, TSCA, CWA, SDWA, SWDA, and various state's regulations and EPA regions.

She holds Bachelor of Science degree in Geological Engineering from the University of Missouri-Rolla and Master of Science degree in Industrial Hygiene from Central Missouri State University.

Candidate Statement
No statement provided.

FY20 Section Election Guide: Secretary Bios & Statements

Secretary Candidates
  • Ashley White
  • Abstain
  • Write-In
Ashley White

I joined SWE at Seattle University where I attended engineering school for electrical engineering. While at SU I served as the Treasurer my junior year and then President my senior year. As president I collaborated with a team of nine to organize social and professional development events and outreach opportunities. After graduation I continued to help SU’s section by serving as their professional liaison. I assisted them on numerous occasions throughout the year and kept them informed about things happening in the professional sector. This past year I joined the VBT to start helping out on the professional side of SWE. I am currently working for Honeywell Aerospace as a system engineer. I'm working on communication and navigational radio equipment for airplanes. In my free time I love to visit new places and spend time with my cat.

Candidate Statement
Throughout my life, I have had the privilege of having a family that supported my decision to pursue engineering. I attended a university which has women as the department heads for most of the STEM majors. I also have had many great female mentors who have careers in engineering fields. However, not all women have this kind of support, and SWE is one of the best organizations at making sure that women and young girls have the aid they need to succeed in careers that are still male-dominated. I want to continue showing women that they can have successful jobs in engineering fields and that SWE can provide the extra support they need. My goal for Secretary is to have an active role in supporting current and future women engineers. While also mentoring recent college graduates to stay involved with the society, and to promote the growth of women in engineering.

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

FY20 Summer Planning Meeting Agenda

Contributor: Theresa Krack, FY20 President

Are you getting excited for FY20?!??! We have our first section operations event coming up this Saturday, August 10, 2019 – our FY20 Summer Planning meeting!

This event is open to all section members and thanks to our fiscal year sponsor, Honeywell, lunch from Panera will be provided!

The goal of the summer planning meeting is to provide a focused space for our sections members to come and brainstorm on the types of event and activities we’ll target in FY20 – and maybe start some initial prioritization and next steps to go from idea to implementation. This will also provide the opportunity for those attending who may be interested in helping with a committee or even taking on a leadership role to sign up!

Since there are always a lot of options for what we can look at, we will be focusing on some of the bigger areas for the section. To that end, please find below our planned agenda for the day. We will do our best to stay on track with the timing – but be sure to arrive about 15 minutes ahead of any session you want to participate in to make sure you can join in!

8:30 am
9:00 am
9:00 am
9:30 am
Welcome, D&I Moment, & Goals
9:30 am
10:00 am
FY20 SWE PNW structure & Introduction
10:00 am
11:00 am
Section Level SWOT Analysis:
·        Strengths
·        Weaknesses
·        Opportunities
·        Threats
11:00 am
12:00 pm
Focus Area Breakout #1:
(a)    Professional development
(b)    Outreach (K-12) & Volunteering
(c)    Social & Networking
12:00 pm
1:00 pm
Working Lunch:
·        D&I Moment Touch Base
·        65th Anniversary Brainstorming
1:00 pm
1:30 pm
Signature Event Breakout:
(a)    Holiday Party
(b)    Enso Center Workshop
1:30 pm
2:00 pm
New Signature Event Brainstorming
2:00 pm
2:45 pm
Focus Area Breakout #2:
(a)    Corporate/Partner Relations
(b)    Member Engagement
(c)    SWE Business/Careers
2:45 pm
3:30 pm
Section Operations Brainstorming
3:30 pm
4:00 pm
Wrap up & Volunteer Sign-up

SWOT Analysis
One of the tools we’ll be using at the planning meeting is a SWOT analysis. This is a tool that looks at strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Our first group activity will be to look at this from a section level, looking primary at it from the perspective of our members. For a little bit more, see the quick summary below:
  • Strengths are things that we do well, better than anyone else. They could also be what you tell others about our section – elements that make up your SWE PNW elevator pitch.
  • Weakness are areas that we can improve and do better in.
  • Opportunities are things that we aren’t doing today but could be doing in the near or far future timeframes.
  • Threats will look at external things or elements that we can’t (or have a hard time to) control.
You may see this tool deployed in some of the breakout sessions as well.

Breakout Sessions
We’ll have a couple of breakout session through out the day. These will be focused on a topic and have 2-3 small breakout groups looking at a sub-topic. In general, these sessions will start with an assessment of the current state baseline, start to brainstorming ideas around targeted prompts, look at impact vs effort to help prioritize, and will target coming up with concrete next step for the top priority.

Each breakout session will have a moderator that will be provided with key baseline information as well as questions prompts to help the group stay on topics and brainstorm.

A D&I Moment
As we build on the launch of the diversity and inclusion goal from FY19 and the deployment of D&I moments at our Executive Council meetings, we’ll be expanding that concept for the planning meeting. We’ll launch the D&I moment at the beginning of the day – but it will be an all-day activity, built into the various sessions. I’m excited to see how we can continue D&I forward and at the forefront of our events in FY20!

Day-of Moderators
There are several breakout session and mini-activities that I am looking for a few people to help with as a moderator. Guidelines, prompts, and instructions will be provide to help you support the topic  and breakout session.

If you are interested, please email with “FY20 Summer Planning Meeting: Moderator” in the subject if you’d like to help.

Don’t forget to RSVP!
That about does it for the ahead of event details. If you have questions ahead of the event, please email or post them in the Facebook event discussion here:

And don’t forget to RSVP here (especially if you want to be included in the lunch count!):

Looking forward to seeing you there!


Theresa Krack is SWE PNW's FY20 President, having serve the section as FY19 President Elect, past section representative, and the driver behind the launch/deployment of the Virtual Brand Team (VBT). She is a Development Program Manager at Honeywell Aerospace, with a background in aerospace and aircraft certification engineering. In her remaining spare time, she is a SWE Leadership Coach for professional sections, a martial arts enthusiast, and enjoys getting out on her bike for rides.

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

President’s Corner: Welcome to FY20!

Contributor: Theresa Krack, FY20 President

Greetings SWE PNW and welcome to FY20! I hope you have all had a great summer so far and are getting excited for our next year with SWE. I know I am!

One of the new things I am going to introduce in FY20 is a (hopefully) monthly “President’s Corner” blog post. This will be one more way that you can keep in touch with what SWE PNW is up to, especially from a behind the scenes Section Operations perspective.

For July 2019, our President's Corner topics are:
  • FY20 Theme: Continuing the Journey
  • FY20 Sponsor: Honeywell Aerospace
  • Signature Events
  • FY20 Summer Planning Meeting
  • FY19-FY20 Section Operations Housekeeping
  • Thank you, FY19 EC!

FY20 Theme: Continuing the Journey

I am excited to announce that this year’s theme for SWE PNW is “Continuing the Journey” – this builds on the successes and challenges that we had in FY19 “Taking the First Step” in a post-region world of SWE.

As we work towards a successful FY20 and beyond, we’ll be looking at how we set up the section for long term success both for our members’ experiences and for our section leadership experience and pipeline. In FY19, we introduced the concept of “Focus Areas” as topics that we think are key for both areas. In FY20, we’re going to continue to define and refine Focus Areas to make those connections between members and local organizations.

Our key Focus Areas and their overall goal are list below. We had a great year working on continuing with our Professional Development and Outreach areas, and even got started with building corporate relationships. And we’ve aligned many of our EC activities/events to Section Operations so members can keep track of those. If you are interested in helping (or even leading) one of the focus areas, please let me know!

Focus Area
Professional Development
To provide formal and informal learning opportunities to allow SWE members to develop skills to help in their professional careers.
Outreach (K-12) & Volunteering
To engage with the community around STEM related activities and provide volunteering opportunities for SWE Members to impact their local areas.
Social & Networking
To provide formal and informal opportunities for SWE members to engage with each other, build relationships, and make new connections.
Member Engagement
To focus on the recruitment, retention, and engagement of SWE professional members with the Section
Corporate Relations
To focus on the engagement of local companies and partner organizations with the SWE Section
Section Operations
To run the SWE business and organizational activities that support the Section.

FY20 Sponsor: Honeywell Aerospace

I am super excited to announce that Honeywell Aerospace in Redmond, WA, will be our FY20 Sponsor! This is a result of the relationships built last year through our Corporate Relations focus area and it’s great to see that relationship building result in expanded support from a local company.

Honeywell Aerospace will be providing both locations and funds to support the section in multiple focus areas as a part of their sponsorship. I look forward to continuing the grow the relationship with Honeywell in FY20 and hopefully expand our relationships with other corporate partners and organizations in the area!

Look for a future blog post highlighting their FY20 sponsorship - coming soon to a link near you!

Signature Events

Another great area that we’re going to be continuing to develop is our Section’s Signature Events. FY19 was the first year we introduced the “Signature Event” nomenclature as a way to highlight our larger events that often cross multiple focus areas. Signature event that we would like to continue to develop in FY20 are:
  • Holiday Party
  • Mid-Year Open House
  • Enso Center Workshop
  • Annual Banquet
There are a few ideas for a new signature event to launch in FY20 – anything from a Kick-off Open House in fall, to a Conference Prep Workshop ahead of the Society WE Conferences to even a summer informal picnic after the annual banquet to wrap up the year. We’ll be taking a look at a couple ideas during our FY20 Summer Planning meeting on August 10, 2019 – which is, of course, a great set up to talk about that event!

FY20 Summer Planning Meeting

Our FY20 Summer Planning meeting is open to all SWE PNW members and it’s your chance to help come up with ideas for the section under all focus areas! It will also be your first opportunity this year to have a chance to volunteer or take on a leadership role for FY20. Plus lunch will be provided thanks to Honeywell's sponsorship!

Topics that we will be looking at are:
  • Annual & strategic planning activities
  • Focus area and event ideation breakout sessions
  • Signature Event brainstorming
  • Opportunity to sign up for committees / leadership roles
  • And how do we celebrate 65 years as a section!?!?
We’ll be running a combination of target all group topics, breakout sessions to provide focused brainstorming and initial planning ideas, and mini break out sessions on more detailed targeted topics. The detailed agenda should be posted about a week a head of the event, so keep your eye open!

One thing we are looking for are breakout session leaders. You don’t have to be taking on a role in FY20 to help with this. The idea is that you would be given a set of prompts to lead the discussion and then you would help the breakout group brainstorm and record thoughts. If this interests you, please let me know!

Be sure to RSVP for the event, even if you can only make it for part of it!

FY19-FY20 Section Operations Housekeeping

As you may be aware, we had a few items that are still open from FY19 to FY20 on the section operations side: FY20 Election and Bylaws updates. Here are a few quick updates on both:

We were not able to run a FY20 Election as of yet due to the lack of candidates to slate. We are looking for candidates to slate for President Elect (serving 1 yr as President Elect and 1 yr President in sequence), Secretary (1 yr term), and Treasurer (1 yr term). If you are interested in any of these positions, please reach out to the Nomination Committee ASAP via

For our Bylaws updates, triggered by the dissolution of regions and other upkeep, we are in the holding pattern of waiting for HQ review and feedback. That step needs to completed first before we can put the Bylaws to the section voted for approval. At this point, we don’t have a solid timeline but are hoping to have feedback in August. Please watch for more updates on this as we have them.

Thank you, FY19 EC!

Finally, I wanted to give a huge thank you to the FY19 Executive Council (EC) and especially the elected officers from last year. Thank you to Elaine Reeves (FY19 President), Sherrie Rippe (FY19 Treasurer), Marina Dannecker (FY19 Secretary), Heather Alverez (FY19 Outreach VP), and Sonia Hingorany (FY19 Professional Development VP). Thank you to all the sections members that stepped into leadership and supporting roles to help make the section successful!

This article is part of SWE PNW's President's Corner series, where the current Section President provide highlights on what the Section has been up to behind the scenes and covers anything from SWE business to upcoming events. If you have a topic you'd like to see addressed or question answered, please submit to with the subject "President's Corner Submission."

Theresa Krack is SWE PNW's FY20 President, having serve the section as FY19 President Elect, past section representative, and the driver behind the launch/deployment of the Virtual Brand Team (VBT). She is a Development Program Manager at Honeywell Aerospace, with a background in aerospace and aircraft certification engineering. In her remaining spare time, she is a SWE Leadership Coach for professional sections, a martial arts enthusiast, and enjoys getting out on her bike for rides.

Saturday, June 1, 2019

FY19 SWE PNW Certificate of Merit Recipeints

Contributor: Elaine Reeves

The Certificate of Merit (COM) program was established to honor high school women having high achievement in science and mathematics and to encourage them to consider engineering as a career.  To receive a certificate, the student does not have to be planning on going into engineering, but should be someone whom you would like to encourage considering engineering as one of their career options.

Our FY19 COM Recipients are students graduating from the following institutions.

Jessica Bowerman
Brielle Bryan
Magdalena Wood Richardson

Stephanie Geeson
Amaya Kaipat
Alex Birkeland

Sofia Neros
Karol Mu

Thuy-Tien Nguyen
Amy Nguyen
Darla Ramirez

Amanda Harum
Amanda McKinley

Nicole Goldstein
Astrid Bowden
Vivian Lu

Liliana Rice
Finn Lane
Kimberly Joyce

Natalie Hahn
Camryn Bristow
Meng Juan Timm

Jillian Bankaitis
Elisa Simon
Alyssa Sutanto

Stella Beemer
Mirelle Blanchard

Aalia Rasheed

Alisha Nkwonta
Sydney Deleon-Anderberg
Bethanee Graver

Catherine Michelutti
Makenzie Hofer
Raelyn Iddings

Gabrielle Kunzman
Ingrid Phillips
Veaya Carter

Ishi Agrawal

Olivia Wertjes
Janna Knight
Jessica Boos

Good luck to our COM recipients as they begin their college careers this fall!

Elaine Reeves Elaine has held numerous leadership roles in both SWE MN and SWE PNW including: Professional Collegiate Advisor, SWE PNW Section Representative, College Relations Chair, FY18 President Elect, Region J Secretary & FY19 President.

She earned her undergraduate degrees from the University of St Thomas in Electrical Engineering, Physics, & Music Performance with a minor in Applied Mathematics. A master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Washington, Seattle in 2017. She currently is a working engineer at Microsoft.

Monday, May 27, 2019

FY19 SWE PNW Collegiate Scholarship Recipients

Contributor: Elaine Reeves

SWE PNW has the privilege of being able to offer several scholarship opportunities to students to support our SWE mission & vision:
Our MissionEmpower women to achieve full potential in careers as engineers and leaders, expand the image of the engineering and technology professions as a positive force in improving the quality of life, and demonstrate the value of diversity and inclusion.
Our VisionA world with gender parity and equality in engineering and technology.
SWE PNW college scholarships are targeted for both high school seniors that will be pursuing engineering as well as college freshman to juniors that are in an engineering program. We are therefore thrilled to announce the winners of our FY18 SWE PNW Collegiate Scholarship Program!

Mary Ellen Russell Memorial Scholarship

Mary Ellen Russell, a charter member of the PNW section of SWE, devoted her career to engineering and science. She dedicated her life and energy to activities to the benefit of SWE, to geology, to outdoor activities and to the leadership of many young women and men who cherished their time with her. Mary Ellen earned degrees in Mathematics and Geology at the University of Washington. The recipient must have achieved at least a college level junior standing. The Mary Ellen Russell Memorial Scholarship is a minimum of $1000.

FY19 Recipient: Alissa Capuano who is a Civil Engineering student at Seattle University 

Congratulations to our two time scholarship winner!

Elaine Reeves has over ten years of experience in EMC and Environmental Hardware Compliance in both commercial and medical equipment. She graduated with a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Washington, Seattle in 2017. She is an active in SWE PNW as is the current FY19 President.