Sunday, December 6, 2015

Call for FY16 SWE PNW Leadership Team Volunteers

We have a great team behind the scenes helping to lead & plan activities for SWE PNW – but we can always use more help!

If you are interested in taking on a volunteer role from small to large, let us know. Below are the current areas where we could really use your help and the contact emails.

Outreach (

  • Outreach Vice President (please contact if you are interested in this role)
  • Exploring Engineering Activities committee and/or event hosts
  • Event photographers
  • Outreach event recap authors for newsletter and/or blog

Professional Development (

  • Event photographers
  • PD event recap/key take-aways authors for newsletter and/or blog

Virtual Brand Team (
  • Committee members to help with the behind the scenes infrastructure planning, development, and maintenance
  • SWE PNW Member Forum Conversation Starters/Leaders
  • Newsletter Reviewer(s)
  • Guest Contributors to help with content (written or photos) for newsletter, blog, and/or social media postings