Sunday, January 29, 2017

Collegiate Section Spotlight: Washington State University North Puget Sound

Guest Contributors:  Tinneal Ching & Mariah Harvey (WSU-NPSE students)

The Washington State University North Puget Sound at Everett (WSU-NPSE) CIG was spearheaded by Mechanical Engineering students, Tinneal Ching and Mariah Harvey, to bring the benefits of SWE to the campus and promote professional development throughout student body while providing educational and career opportunities to women in STEM.

Officially established in January 2016, the CIG began with only 13 members. WSU’s Everett campus consists of a diverse demographic of non-traditional transfer students from local community colleges and universities.  A few members have attended the National Conference in Los Angeles, Nashville, and Philadelphia and attended the Regional ABJ Conference.

The CIG was officially approved on November 30th, 2016 and it continues to focus on organizing their “Women in Engineering” networking event, professional development workshops, local company tours, community outreach for K-12 students, Cougar Career Week, and hosting their annual Dinner with Industry with their sister chapter at Everett Community College.

Thank you to those who have supported us this past year and to both Dr. Ciera Graham, our organization’s advisor, and Mrs. Catherine Thomas, for her advocacy of our student organization.

For more information about WSU-NPSE’s SWE, please email us at and visit us on our website [] and our Facebook []

(Updated 01/31/17: A previous version of this blog listed the Guest Contributor as Ciera Gaham)


This guest article is part of SWE PNW's Collegiate Section Spotlight series, where we ask the local collegiate sections to showcase their section so we can share information up at the professional section level. These guest articles are coordinated by Elaine Reeves, Section Representative and College Relations focal for SWE PNW.

SWE PNW Bylaws Review - Call for Participation!

Greeting SWE PNW Members!

Recent changes in SWE's governance structure has necessitated change for our Section's bylaws. This specifically relates changes made to how Section Representatives are allocated per section.

If you would like to be involved in reviewing and making changes to SWE PNW's bylaws alongside our leadership team, please attend our bylaws review meeting.

This will occur from 9:00 - 10:00 am at the Redmond Panera Bread (private room) on February 19th

Please RSVP at the link below:

For more information on the Society level bylaws & governance changes, please check the following:



Grace Lefebure
Pacific Northwest Section

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Collegiate Section Spotlight: University of Washington - Seattle

Guest Contributor: Emily Johanning (BS Civil Engineering, University of Washington, UW Society of Women Engineers President)

As one of 300 collegiate sections of SWE, the University of Washington (UW) section provides hundreds of unique opportunities for its members, including professional and academic development, social and professional networking, and community outreach. UW SWE has grown over 1500% in the past two years. What started as a group of 30 individuals has blossomed into an organization of over 450 students passionate about diversity in engineering. This increase in membership allows our section to have a huge reach, and gives us the opportunity to pursue our mission to its fullest.

However, with this many members, it can be hard to provide equally enriching opportunities to everyone. We have members from over 20 different majors who stay in UW SWE their entire collegiate career and expect different events every year, quarter, and month. Through the creation of ten new officer positions to bring our leadership team to a total of 28 officers (effectively increasing the officer team over 300% in the past two years), we now have the (wo)manpower to hold more events that enhance our organization.

Contact info for UW SWE:
email (main point of contact):
website (currently in progress):


This guest article is part of SWE PNW's Collegiate Section Spotlight series, where we ask the local collegiate sections to showcase their section so we can share information up at the professional section level. These guest articles are coordinated by Elaine Reeves, Section Representative and College Relations focal for SWE PNW.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Looking for Guest Contributors

New in 2017, SWE PNW will be launching several series of themed blog posts - and we need your help!

The Virtual Brand Team has been busy brainstorming series and topics. Now we are looking for SWE members from the Puget Sound area (PNW, SPS, MALs) that would be will to be a guest contributor to our blog, Rainy Day Reads.

Don't worry, you'll be working with the Virtual Brand Team and we'll be helping to coordinate topics, editing, and posting. We'll even help provide prompts and starting points for the series as we can.

Without further ado (and maybe a little bit of a drum roll), here are just a couple of topics/series the Virtual Brand Team is looking for authors for:

SWE Perspectives
This series of blog posts highlights our members experiences with SWE, from why they joined to what they do now and why they find value in being a SWE member. It's a chance for our section members to share their unique perspective on SWE with other section members.

Everyday Engineering
This series is about seeing engineering in our everyday lives. It can capture and share your experiences while working, traveling, or even just exploring locally.

Contributor's Choice
Do you have a topic that you'd like to share with the section? This is the space for you. Send us your topic idea and we'll work to help get it shared out on our blog.

If you are interested in becoming a guest contributor, contact us at

We hope that you'll consider becoming a guest contributor and we look forward to sharing your stories!

~The Virtual Brand Team

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

SWE Individual Awards (FY17)

The Society of Women Engineers strives to advance and honor the contributions of women at all stages of their careers as well as recognize the successes of SWE members and individuals who enhance the engineering profession through contributions to industry, education and the community.

More information is located on SWE's Website, and the deadline is March 31, 2017

If you would like us to help you prepare a packet for one of these awards or would like to nominate someone else in our section, please contact us at

Monday, January 9, 2017

Nomination Committee: Volunteers Needed!

Our SWE PNW leadership team is beginning the succession planning process for FY18 and are looking for volunteers for the nomination committee.

As a member of this committee, your role would involve nominating the section officers and host a voting forum for our members to vote on FY18 officers. Note that our bylaws prohibit members of the nominating committee from becoming candidates during their tenure of service on the nominating committee.

Please contact Grace at if you are interested in learning more or participating on this committee.